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Time-tested experience as a valuable partner in large tunnel projects throughout the Americas has earned Euclid Chemical the reputation as an innovative leader in tunneling and underground products.

Euclid Chemical serves the tunneling industry with the design and manufacture of a full line of products that improve production and performance at every stage of an underground project. For tunnel construction, soil conditioning, annulus grouting and repair, the industry depends on The Euclid Chemical Company to deliver superior products and support.

  • Tail Seal Grease for Shilded Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)
  • EUCON SG 710 / 715 / 740 / 745
  • First fill application (Tail-Shield Sealant)
  • EUCON SG 720 / 725 / 750 / 755
  • Tail-shiel sealant for continuous usage
Main Bearing Seal Grease
  • EUCON SG B 600
  • Vegetable Oil based protective Main Bearşing Sealent
  • EUCON SG B 800
  • Synthetic based protective Main Bearing Sealant
Main Bearing Lubricant for Shielded Tunnel Boring Machines
  • EUCON EP 2 - Synthetic based main bearing lubricant with great abrasion and lifting capabilities
Soil Conditions
  • EUCON CHF 100 / 150
  • Cutter Head Foam / Soil Conditioning Foamer
  • EUCON CHF 200
  • Solid Conditioning Foamer and Polymer Mixture
  • EUCON AC 450
  • EUCON SC P 300 / P 600 / P 650
Solid Conditioning Polymer
  • EUCON SC 12
Solid Conditioning Polymer
  • EUCON CT 800 / 850
Anti-Clay Agent
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